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Not Going to College can be your BEST Decision of Life

Documenting Nathaniel Drew's story of not going to college and choosing the best decision. by EAMCET SPACE


Not Going to College can be your BEST Decision of Life

In this article by EAMCET SPACE, we have referred to Nathaniel Drew's latest video - Not going to college is still the best decision of my life

Although going to college or not is a decision to be taken independently and concerning all the factors. It might be a very tough decision for some and it might be a piece of cake for others. therefore EAMCET SPACE has documented this video just to get some positive inspiration.

Nathaniel Drew is a famous inspirational, minimal Youtuber whose content is fascinating. Nathaniel Drew is a 22 years old Milan-based Youtuber and photographer who gained popularity due to human mentality and life-related videos on Youtube. His youtube channel has over a million subscribers where he published the first video in July 2015. Nataniel Drew, a WRITER AND FILMMAKER EXPLORING THE FULL RANGE OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. He wants to live a joyous life (like just about anyone) and he is convinced that the way to do this is to explore the things that scare us (counter-intuitively).

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel Drew is a famous inspirational, minimal Youtuber whose content is fascinating. Nathaniel Drew is a 24 years old Milan-based Youtuber and photographer who gained popularity due to human mentality and life-related videos on Youtube. His youtube channel has over a million subscribers where he published the first video in July 2015. Nataniel Drew, a WRITER AND FILMMAKER EXPLORING THE FULL RANGE OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. He wants to live a joyous life (like just about anyone) and he is convinced that the way to do this is to explore the things that scare us (counter-intuitively).

He started working when he was 14 and saved money to spend on intentional expenses like travelling which is a far better use of money according to him. He also has a second channel 'No Backup Plan' where he posts other videos which aren't totally relevant on the topic of his main channel.

His Instagram handle is @nathanieldrew_ where in April 2020, he completed 174,000 followers.

He lived in Paris for two years and made a video of the pros and cons of living in Paris.

He published consistent videos from the beginning of the channel but started to see the real results from the March of 2019.

Nathaniel has a brother named Skyler who also creates the animation effects for his channel.

He can speak 5 different languages apart from English including Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German. He also made a video on the fastest way to learn any language and the technique that he used to learn various languages

Nathaniel Drew made a video saying, Not going to college is still the best decision of my life. And it sounds so true for most of us. He drives us through his journey of how he became successful without going to college. 

Not Going to College is STILL the BEST Decision of My Life

here's the video and its transcript below.

“ Okay so sIx years ago at the age of 18 I made the decision not to go to college It started out as a gap year that turned Into sIx I was one of the only kIds In my entire high school that made that decIsIon.

I thought a lot of people dIdn't really understand what I was did you know why I was chosen to take thIs path I thought there's a lot of societal pressure to make the responsIble decIsIon and get a degree.

I come from an ImmIgrant family and although my parents are very cool and very understanding explaInIng thIs to certaIn members of my family was not easy you know your family wants the best for you rIght and what they thought Is the best for you Is to go to college oftentImes.

so I defInItely felt a lot of fIre on my ass to prove to the world that thIs was not a mistake that I was not going to be a failure I knew very early on that I dId not want to go to college so I dIdn't bother takIng the sats I never wrote an applIcatIon letter to a unIversIty I had no backup plan that's kind of how I lived my life then, of course, three years ago I made thIs vIdeo now I come from a family where both of my parents were the fIrst ones In theIr famIlIes to go to college so Is It arrogant for me to make thIs decision to not go to college well I don't think so and I'd lIke to share why I thought that and In that video, I unequIvocally say that thIs was the best decIsIon of my lIfe.

I really meant that I kInd of dId the math In my head and was lIke yep thIs checks out and now three years on I wanted to give an update and share how I feel about all thIs here's the crazy thing had I chosen to take the path of hIgher educatIon I would stIll be studyIng rIght now If I was goIng for a master's degree I'd be fInIshIng thIs sprIng and assumIng I just focused on my studies durIng all that tIme I stIll wouldn't have even started my career, to be honest, uh today my thoughts are more nuanced on thIs subject than they were before It's been a wild ride you know lIfe's a trIp man so I'm goIng to splIt thIs vIdeo up Into two parts the cons of not goIng to college and then the pros wIthout further ado let's dive In the cons socIal lIfe thIs was orIgInally a poInt that I dIsmIssed.

I was lIke yeah okay whatever but It ended up beIng a much bIgger deal than I realIzed you know a lot of people talk about the socIal element of the college you know unIversIty experIence and It's a real thIng It Is a great way to meet a bunch of other people and unfortunately because of the path that I chose I dIdn't have that I dId not have access to that and the truth Is that whIle I do now consIder myself blessed to have thIs network of really smart ambItIous and dare I say attractIve people that I can call frIends lIke close frIends for a long tIme I was lookIng for a long tIme I dIdn't have that here's the thIng that's trIcky okay I dId a vIdeo on thIs recently the only way that that frIendshIp In adulthood works Is wIth IntentIonal effort It doesn't happen automatIcally It's just easIer If you're requIred to spend a good chunk of your day wIth other adults whIch Is what happens when you go to unIversIty or In lIke a tradItIonal form of employment If you don't have eIther of those though lIke me then It becomes a lot trIckIer lIke okay how do I go about creatIng those connectIons how do I create those brIdges to connect wIth people especIally sInce I lIve kInd of an unconventIonal lIfe and despIte the fact that more people are questIonIng the value of hIgher educatIon It's stIll a conventIonal path you know lIke I saId there's a lot of socIetal pressure to do thIs and of course It's not ImpossIble and lIke I saId I've been able to make these connectIons but what I've realIzed Is that you really have to go for It you have to flIng yourself Into sItuatIons and be as open as you possIbly can to connect wIth other people lIke for example jumpIng off clIffs I don't often talk about my prIvate datIng lIfe because It's not really any of your busIness and I don't feel any oblIgatIon to share every aspect of my lIfe on the Internet but I wIll say that unIversIty probably would have made thIngs a lIttle bIt easIer a bunch of young people that are roughly the same age all put together for days and months at a tIme of course that leads to relatIonshIps and datIng and whatnot choosIng not to go to college created a gap between me and other people my age of lIke sIx to ten years I just leaped forward throwIng myself Into the workforce throwIng myself Into tryIng to buIld a career and fIgure myself out that when you go to college oftentImes you don't have to deal wIth that for years to come you don't have to deal wIth that essentIally untIl you're done studyIng so agaIn thIs decIsIon kInd of threw me sIx to ten years forward In the tImelIne of lIfe and I don't mean that In a boastful way It was kInd of lonely not joInIng a fraternIty just kIddIng that's a joke.

honestly I thInk that you know when I dIe If there Is a hell and I go there because of all my sInful behavIor It would probably look somethIng lIke a fraternIty obvIously I'm goofIng around but It's really not my kInd of thIng okay honestly that's about It for the cons onto the pros I dId all the thIngs that I could have done In college on my own you know my fIrst poInt here Is just to say that I don't feel lIke I lIved less than anybody else I don't feel lIke I've mIssed any opportunItIes I learned foreIgn languages you know I learned how to speak your tIme and I dId that at a total fractIon of what It would have costed me to get a degree In ItalIan It's funny people sometImes leave comments about how I'm you know a trust fund baby or whatever based off of the lIfestyle that I lead and that's not even remotely true my parents never fInanced my travels you know the IronIc thIng Is that everythIng I've ever done stIll costs way less than a degree at nyu for example thIs was an argument that I made In my last vIdeo Instead of studyIng spanIsh In college for example you could very easIly go lIve In ecuador or argentIna or spaIn learn the language much more IntImately have an IncredIble cultural experIence and spend less money It would be less expensIve that thIs huge chunk of tIme that I've had was an opportunIty to essentIally learn how to start busInesses or learn new languages by movIng to dIfferent countrIes or whatever lIke essentIally gettIng theIr educatIon In the real world versus In a classroom my poInt here Is just to say that the world Is out there waItIng for you and you don't need anybody's permIssIon to go out there and start learnIng I make a bIg effort to try to show that you know you're not necessarIly a faIlure If you don't get a degree essentIally I'm just hopIng that thIs vIdeo wIll help some people at least consIder theIr optIons you know there's no rIght or wrong It really just depends on what your prIorItIes are career momentum so It's Important to note that buIldIng a career for me was far from an ImmedIate success as I've shared before and I thInk thIs Is a really Important poInt It took me four years of postIng vIdeos on youtube before anythIng took off I probably made a total of three or four hundred dollars from youtube In the fIrst four years there are many prIvate crIngy vIdeos that you guys have never seen I also started two other channels that are now abandoned and there was an endless supply of self-doubt lIke Is thIs ever gonna work back In 2016 my total Income for the entIre year was less than eIght thousand dollars and that came from work that I was doIng on the sIde to essentIally keep thIs content creatIon dream alIve because the content creatIon was not makIng any money as I've already establIshed so It's been really tough but thIngs have come an IncredIbly long way sInce then and I would one mIllIon tImes prefer beIng In thIs sItuatIon rIght now than just startIng out the whole process even wIth a master's degree and thIs Is very personal to me but I ended up gettIng really lucky In that I took a leap Into somethIng that I saw a future In I saw potentIal In and all of that work all those fIrst four years led me to be In the perfect posItIon to totally take off just before the pandemIc and then rIde that wave of the pandemIc okay so there's defInItely more I have to say on the topIc of not goIng to college but I decIded to come outsIde and change It up a lIttle bIt get a lIttle bIt of mexIcan sun honestly as I saId that thIs the cloud goes by so I'm a lIttle bIt not lucky In that regard but I'm In mexIco I mean I cannot complaIn also look at that depth of fIeld I mean It's nIce to change It up a lIttle bIt too much tIme spent edItIng and wrItIng InsIde I wanted to talk brIefly about the sponsor of thIs vIdeo whIch Is audIble audIble have been supportIng my channel for years at thIs poInt I'm extremely grateful for theIr support so rIght now I'm lIstenIng to ham on rye by charles bukowskI who was such a fascInatIng author he has such a unIque voIce I fInd hIm enIgmatIc I've quoted hIm before on thIs channel and I thInk hIm on rIde Is a good tItle to start wIth If you don't know where to begIn wIth bukowskI to be perfectly honest wIth you I have found It quIte nIce to lIsten to books that are not self-help rIght before goIng to bed as a way to unwInd audIble has an unbelIevable selectIon of audIobooks and podcasts In theIr lIbrary and the way It works Is when you're a member you get one credIt each month that's good for any tItle In theIr entIre premIum lIbrary whIch you then get to keep forever you can start now wIth a 30-day audIble trIal oh there you go there comes the sun that's what I came for choose one audIo book and get full access to the plus catalog absolutely free just vIsIt audIble.com nathanIel drew or text nathanIel drew to 500 500 the lInk Is also In my descrIptIon also as I mentIoned new members can try audIble for free for a month so consIder checkIng It out thank you so much audIble for sponsorIng thIs vIdeo and now back to the vIdeo oh beautIful son the real world Isn't a classroom do me a favor and compare thIs vIdeo rIght now rIght here that you're watchIng to what I dId three years ago the fIrst Installment on my thoughts on hIgher educatIon In my vIew In every way thIngs have Improved I mean the way that I speak on camera the clarIty of the message the storytellIng the musIc the color the shots all of It why do I make thIs poInt well basIcally over the last sIx years I've had nothIng but tIme to just throw myself Into my creatIons Into my projects and just get better just learn by doIng I've just spent all thIs tIme InvestIng In myself buIldIng my skIlls and developIng my craft you don't learn how to make fIlms In a classroom I feel very strongly about that and I thInk that's true for quIte a few dIfferent dIscIplInes anythIng that depends on creatIvIty honestly so any kInd of artIstIc endeavor buIldIng a busIness of any kInd you've got to go out and try thIngs and that's how you slowly Improve IteratIvely you try thIngs you see what works and then you go from there that's how you learn I worked In the fIlm Industry before my youtube channel took off and the guys that I worked wIth were lIke 15 years older than me and would tell me that they'd have fIlm school graduates arrIve and not have any Idea how to do thIngs on set they hadn't learned set etIquette and how thIngs operate and whatnot and It's just mInd-blowIng to me you know years of studyIng only to stIll arrIve and not really know at all what you're doIng for me the takeaway there Is that It's InevItable whether you go to college or not you eventually hIt the poInt where you're lIke oh okay now I have to fIgure out how the real world works the real world Isn't a classroom agaIn especIally If you work for yourself If you're a freelancer entrepreneur artIsts etc etc nobody's pIckIng your schedule for you It's not just about completIng the assIgnment and gettIng a passIng grade I made thIs poInt In my last vIdeo but I fInd It absolutely IncredIble that Instead of payIng an InstItutIon to learn a skIll I was gettIng paId to learn new skIlls sure yes I was a nameless pa a productIon assIstant on set for a whIle and that kInd of sucks but you work your way up and as I worked my way up I started makIng more money and all the whIle I'm learnIng I'm learnIng so much I'm absorbIng so much InformatIon I recognIze that that's not possIble In all IndustrIes but It's just somethIng to really thInk about especIally as more and more people become theIr own bosses more and more people work onlIne or remotely or for themselves skIlls for the 21st century not goIng to college forced me to learn how to learn thIngs on my own how to utIlIze the power of the Internet and by the way IncredIble It's IncredIble the tIme that we lIve In we have so much that Is so easIly accessIble at our fIngertIps It's IncredIble and I thInk thIs Is the way of the future you know the world demands us to be adaptIve It's changIng so quIckly now done are the days that you get a fIxed job that you stIck wIth for 30 to 40 years and you know not goIng to an InstItutIon of hIgher educatIon doesn't mean I dIdn't develop valuable skIlls thIs mIght seem lIke a really bold claIm here but I feel lIke I got the equIvalent of a master's degree In marketIng durIng thIs tIme runnIng thIs youtube channel has really taught me how to capture people's attentIon how to tell storIes how to maIntaIn people's attentIon wIth constant feedback oh thIs worked thIs dIdn't work the two most valuable resources In the 21st century I thInk are probably creatIvIty and attentIon learn how to harness those two thIngs and you're set I thInk easIer saId than done but also lIke I saId gone are the days of you graduate wIth a degree you get a job and you can just check out and rIde that wave all the way to the end of your lIfe no dead man thIs has to be one of the bIggest poInts on thIs lIst honestly It Is Insane to me that In the u.s at least but IncreasIngly In other parts of the world as well that we saddle people wIth so much debt before they've even gotten a chance to start out In lIfe I knew very early on that I dId not want to have any sort of debt whatsoever or at least the bad kInd of debt you know student loans credIt card debt I feel lIke that kInd of thIng can turn you Into a prIsoner look I knew thIs was goIng to happen but I have frIends who have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars In debt student loan debt and I questIon If theIr educatIon was worth that I also questIon If they're ever goIng to be able to dIg themselves out of that okay check thIs out thIs artIcle says that the average net worth of a 24 year old amerIcan Is a negatIve number thInk about that It says rIght here negatIve 28 706 bro that Is crazIness you know of course college or unIversIty doesn't have to be mInd-bogglIngly expensIve rIght I mean there's communIty college there's also many countrIes where It's free or very cheap but for me thIs was a very bIg factor and It's bIgger than that It's about the prIncIple I am not goIng to become your prIsoner I saw a far better way to Invest my tIme and energy and just lIke any IntellIgent Investor they're goIng to pIck the stock they thInk Is goIng to Increase most In value rIght or gIve themselves the best odds rIght and I dId the exact same thIng wIth my own lIfe wIth my own tIme and energy addIng all thIs up what do I thInk It's probably pretty obvIous thIs stIll remaIns probably the best decIsIon In my entIre lIfe or If not I mean one of the best decIsIons I've made In my entIre lIfe I don't regret It at all not for one second and I feel lIke I'm stIll seeIng the compoundIng effects of thIs decIsIon to thIs day there's a really Important caveat that I should add here that a lot of people poInted out In my last vIdeo whIch Is that thIs of course becomes a lot more complIcated of a decIsIon If you come from a less developed country and I totally recognIze that prIvIlege plays a huge role here all I'm doIng Is honestly just sharIng my personal experIence whIch Is the only thIng I can really comment on I hope that you found thIs enlIghtenIng my advIce If you care to have It Is to take your tIme before makIng such a massIve decIsIon take a gap year to start you know I don't thInk that hurts at all especIally as a young person tryIng to fIgure thIngs out and you can always get a degree later on gettIng back all that tIme and energy and money Is not so easy I want to send all of you my love and apprecIatIon for all of your support IncludIng to the haters to leave comments because you're boostIng me In the algorIthms keep It comIng 

I'll take It I'll take all the lIkes and dIslIke well I'll take all the lIkes maInly and comments I'd love to hear your thoughts on thIs If you went to college If not how you feel about It It's a nuanced subject you know I don't claim to have the whole truth but I wanted to share my thoughts I thought thIs could maybe be valuable for somebody who's consIderIng theIr optIons obvIously I'm not telling anybody how to live theIr lIves but maybe you could take somethIng away from thIs all rIght wIth all that said I'll see you guys soon you ”

Nathaniel Drew's video from Feb 2019

Nathaniel Drew says " Most people agree that you should go to college after high school. I didn't do that, and I have no intention of going to college at all. In this video I wanted to explain my reasons for choosing not to go, and why that turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. "

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