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Integration - Handwritten short notes PDF

Handwritten PDF short notes of the Integration for TS and AP Intermediate, EAMCET and JEE mains provided by EAMCET SPACE.
Integration - Handwritten short notes PDF

EAMCET SPACE has made it easy for you to access handwritten short notes for the Integration  chapter which has importance in competitive exams like JEE and EAMCET

Short notes will help you in quick revision of any exam like Intermediate, EAMCET or JEE exam. 

Integration handwritten short notes PDF

Integral calculus has a weightage of 3 questions weighing 12 marks in JEE mains.

Integration and differentiation have a weightage of 3% in the EAMCET exam.

Weightage in %Chapters
3%Differential calculus,
Integral calculus

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