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Best Youtube Channels for EAMCET Preparation

With the tough subjects of TS EAMCET and AP EAPCET exams, the need for interactive and visual learning has increased.
Best Youtube Channels for EAMCET Preparation

With the tricky subjects that are a part of the TS EAMCET and AP EAPCET exams, the need for interactive and visual learning has increased. Learn about the 10 best YouTube channels for EAMCET preparation to make studying fun and engaging.

The pandemic has been developing a mess in everyone's life, especially in the lives of students. Numerous had to adjust and adapt to online education as opposed to the formerly preferred classroom mode. And while it may have been a bumpy road for those preparing for competitive exams like the TS EAMCET, AP EAPCET and JEE, some excellent YouTube channels have certainly made the process easier. Therefore, in this article, we will be having a look at the 10 best YouTube channels for preparing for the TS EAMCET and AP EAPCET, wherein the content providers are working day and night to provide high-quality content for learners.

Best Youtube Channels for EAMCET Preparation

Top 10 youtube channels for EAMCET preparation

1. Unacademy EAMCET

Unacademy EAMCET

Unacademy is one of the fastest-growing ed-tech companies in India. Name an exam and Unacademy has the course made for you. Although Unacademy has its video platform with live and recorded lectures on its application and comprehensive course content on the website, most of the offered courses are paid. Hence, to provide free content and quality videos of EAMCET to the students. Unacademy EAMCET preparations are Now LIVE on Unacademy. This YouTube channel is a dedicated, One-Stop Solution to all your EAMCET Preparation needs. 

Link to Unacademy EAMCET Youtube channel ↗ 

2. Roots Academy

Roots Academy

ROOTS ACADEMY is an exclusive online tutoring channel for Students. The channel also aims at a solid base for IIT Advance, JEE MAINS, EAMCET, BITASAT and other competitive examinations at Intermediate Level. The teachers at Roots Academy are always available to solve any queries of the students, giving them proper mentorship and motivating them to be the best version in their personal a well as professional lives. 
If you are looking for guidance to prepare for Inter 1st Year and Inter 2nd Year and other competitive Intermediate Level examinations, then this is just the right channel for you. Subscribe now for daily free live classes, concept videos, free tests, and pdf downloads.

Link to Roots Academy Youtube channel ↗ 

3. Sakala Vidya

Sakala Vidya

Sakala Vidya brings you the best quality education with the time-saving tricks to crack any math problem in seconds, with the mastered teachers who are professional in their field, with the discrimination-free environment through online platforms. Sakala Vidya focuses on EAMCET,JEE MAINS, BITSAT,NDA, ECET,DCET,POLYCET,DSc,TSPSC,APPSC and other state and national level tests

4. MathonGo


Founded by Anup Gupta, Mathongo is revolutionizing education by providing quality education and resources to the masses. It is one of the best courses to prepare for jee. The lectures are very precise and cover all the topics of a chapter in a very short time and the questions discussed in the lecture videos are very good to learn any concept. You should consider subscribing to MathonGo if you are planning to score good at Math in your EAMCET exam

5. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah, aka Alakh Pandey, is the most famous young YouTuber from India. He shoots and uploads videos regarding the study material. He has 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He came to fame because of his amazing teaching skills. You must subscribe to PhysicsWallah if you are looking for good physics lectures.

6. Swaroop VITB

Swaroop VITB

Swaroop, a student from VITB who scored 6464 rank in EAMCET makes clearly instructed videos on EAMCET exam updates, guides and also clears your doubts. 

7. Gradeup


Aiming to crack JEE 2021-22? Attain good marks in JEE Mains & JEE Advanced? Gradeup JEE Main & Advanced Exam Preparation channel is here to help JEE  aspirants to kick start their JEE Main & JEE Advanced preparation. Gradeup JEE has highly qualified educators who have mentored lakhs of students. They all are subject experts and have several years of teaching experience.  Gradeup also guides you for the upcoming JEE 2022, JEE 2023,  BITSAT & Top engineering entrance Exams of India. Gradeup can be really helpful for your EAMCET exam.

Link to Gradeup Youtube channel ↗ 

8. Vedantu


If you are looking for guidance and courses to prepare for JEE Main Preparation & JEE Advanced Preparation, then this is just the right channel for you. Subscribe now for Daily Free JEE LIVE Classes in all subjects such as JEE Maths, JEE Chemistry & JEE Physics. All this by the best teachers across the country who have produced top JEE rankers by completing online JEE Main Preparation & JEE Advanced Preparation. Vedantu will help you in studying the subjects in TS & AP EAMCET too if you focus on chapterwise lectures and solving MCQs 

Link to Vedantu Youtube channel ↗ 

9. eCareerPoint


Career Point is one of the top-leading coaching institutes of India based at Kota. It is one of the pioneers of the Kota Coaching System founded in the year1993 by Mr Pramod Maheshwari an IIT Delhi alumnus with an objective to impart quality education to the budding aspirants. Career Point is one of the renowned names in the domain of NEET, JEE (Main + Adv), NTSE & Olympiad coaching and known for its innovation and competitiveness. Within a span of 27 years, Career Point has gained the trust of 4.05 Lakhs students with 13,500 IITians, 1,48,500 Engineers and 17,900 Medicos. Career Point lectures will be helpful in studying for core subjects of EAMCET.

Link to eCareerPoint Youtube channel ↗ 

10. Etoos Education

Etoos Education

Etoos India provides an all-new, easy-to-use, budgeted way of Smart Learning Technology. Etoos aim is to provide the best possible educational services to students across India and abroad by using the latest educational tools and software. Etoos impart the most innovative online tools that allow students to prepare for JEE, NEET, CBSE & FOUNDATION. at their convenience anytime, anywhere from the best faculties of the country. Even though Etoos Edu does not specifically teach for EAMCET, those lectures will be really helpful for TS & AP EAMCET.

Link to Etoos Education Youtube channel ↗ 

So, this sums up our list for efficient preparation of the TS EAMCET & AP EAPCET exam. Learning is always fun and you never know when you hit a jackpot and find the perfect tutor to make all your goals come true. Hope to read more helpful articles on EAMCET? Check out more:

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